I am a huge fan of pretty much all custard flavored e-liquids, so for my first Vapemate e-liquid review it only made sense for me to pick Vapemate’s Old Vastard special blend e-liquid. This juice is simply described as being Vapemate’s take on “the increasingly popular vanilla custard”. Considering I tend to try at least one custard e-liquid from every vendor I purchase from, this seemed like the ideal choice to start off with.

Vapemate is all about customization to suite each customer’s personal preference. All of Vapemate’s e-liquids are made in the UK and follow the strict British and European safety standards. Unlike the majority of vendors and manufacturers in this industry, this company takes a different approach to the online shopping experience to ensure their products and customer service are not only the best, but will draw customers back for repeat purchases.

I was instantly enveloped in the intoxicating smell of freshly baked warm vanilla custard

Like all of their e-liquids, this gourmet e-liquid is offered in both 10ml and 30ml glass bottles, equipped with a child-proof sealed cap. It even comes with a syringe to make filling your tanks easier! Considering this was my first time ordering juices from this website, I was incredibly happy to discover a wide variety of options when it came to choosing the nicotine strength. All of Vapemate’s e-liquids are available in a range of 0mg to 30mg strength; I picked 18mg for my review. Something that truly separates this company from the rest is they only use the highest quality, genuine pharmaceutical grade nicotine in their e-liquids. Additionally, all of their e-liquid bottles come with warning and safety labels, including listing all the ingredients inside the e-liquid. This is extremely important because it guarantees you are getting a safe and high quality product and not some cheaply made e-liquid.

When I first received my Old Vastard e-liquid I immediately opened the bottle and was instantly enveloped in the intoxicating smell of freshly baked warm vanilla custard. The smell was so alluring that I decided to fill a tank and see how it performed without any steeping. On Vapemate’s website they recommend letting your new e-liquid steep in a warm, dark area for approximately 2-3 days for optimal performance. Although the unsteeped e-liquid had a great throat hit and vapor production, it tasted slightly undeveloped. I proceeded to steep the rest of the bottle for around 3-4 days and tried again. This time the results were quite different!

Once the e-liquid had sat for a few days I noticed the light golden color of the liquid had changed to a moderately darker amber color and the scent intensified as well. When I filled my tank with the steeped e-liquid and began vaping it was like vaping an entirely different e-liquid. On the inhale I tasted creamy, almost buttery flavors with the perfect amount of sweetness. The exhale provided rich vanilla custard notes, with an almost undetectable hint of spice to make this e-liquid really stand out above the rest. I really loved how unlike some custard e-liquids, this blend wasn’t too sweet or rich, making it a perfect all day vape. After letting this e-liquid steep, the vapor production and throat hit also increased dramatically. I ordered the 50/50 PG/VG blend so I expected a decent amount of vapor and throat hit, but I was pleasantly surprised by the warm throat hit without being harsh and the massive clouds that this juice produced at this level.

Overall I was very pleased with my first experience trying Vapemate’s e-liquids, and definitely can’t wait to try more of their amazing creations. I loved having the opportunity to customize the Old Vastard e-liquid to my personal preference, and the fact that they even offer double flavor shots is a major bonus in my book. The only improvement I could possibly see would be if these bottles came with a dropper instead of a syringe. I say this for two reasons, first it would be faster and easier when refilling tanks or cartridges. Secondly, if these bottles had dropper caps (still being child-proof), it would be more convenient during travel because you wouldn’t have to worry about losing an extra piece to your vaping equipment (the syringe). 

NB. All Vapemate e-liquids now come in plastic bottles with a dripping cap.