ontario bans vaping

Ontario, in the east of Canada, is home to more than 13.5 million people, and it is planning to ban every one of them from vaping in public in the same way that cigarettes are banned.

The plans are actually the province’s second attempt at banning the use of vaping devices in public. The first time around, e-cigarettes were supposed to have been prohibited in restaurants, workplaces, enclosed public areas, and even some outdoor areas.

That is until word got out about a loophole that meant that if the user had medical marijuana, he or she could still vape it in any of these areas. At this point, the government scrapped the original plans and started over.

This time, however, the plans are much more watertight. Premier Kathleen Wynne made them crystal clear in a recent announcement, saying:

“We have made a determination that smoking whatever it is – whether it’s vaping, whether it’s medical marijuana, whether it’s cigarettes – that there should be restrictions on that.”

Clearly, Premier Wynne has some misconceptions about vaping. First of which is that she refers to it as “smoking”. Secondly, that it needs to be restricted.

It’s not just vapers and smokers who are looking to quit who will be adversely affected by these changes, either. In this case, it will be a new hurdle for those who use medical marijuana to deal with pain and other health problems, as they will no longer be allowed to use this substance to alleviate the issue.

According to Jonathan Zaid, founder of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana, the new plans are against the human rights of those who use cannabis for a better quality of life.

The new regulations are set to come into place on July 1.