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Philip Morris Wants to ‘Stop Selling Cigarettes’

Posted 5th Jul 2017 to Vaping News, Vaping Style and Culture


Big Tobacco Philip Morris wants to end cigarette smoking

Philip Morris Wants to ‘Stop Selling Cigarettes’

Big Tobacco company Philip Morris International has said it wants to help people quit smoking and one day ‘stop selling cigarettes’

Peter Nixon, Managing Director for Philip Morris UK and Ireland told the Independent the company’s main objective is to help people move away from cigarettes. Naturally some believe it feels like part of an overall business plan to boost sales of its heat-not-burn product IQOS.

And their team of brand ambassadors, known as ‘freelancers’, are paid £50 every time they convert a smoker to a non-smoker.

According to The Independent ‘the tobacco boss said 70 per cent of people are able to completely stop smoking using the heat-not-burn product.’

The company launched its heat-not-burn product IQOS in the UK last year and plans to launch in the US later this year, pending approval by the FDA.  It's already in around a dozen markets including Japan, Switzerland and Italy too.


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