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Pot Vaping to Outstrip Eliquid Vaping?

Posted 9th Dec 2014 to Vaping Style and Culture


The Huffington Post recently wrote an article about the emerging cannabis oil market in the USA especially with more and more states legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana. Palm Beach Vapors out of Tusla, Oklahoma is taking advantage of this trend and starting to produce devices geared towards both nicotine as well as cannabis. Although there are products right now that are geared towards cannabis vaporization, many of these products are expensive ($100+ per device). There is most definitely an open market for a cheaper device being made for the masses; especially with more and more states legalizing both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana.

However, will it outstrip nicotine vaping? Doubtful. First off, marijuana, legal or not, of course causes inebriation. A person should not be driving or operating heavy machinery while on marijuana. So you really can’t use it on the job, unlike your normal nicotine E-Cigs. Secondly, not everyone would be able to use the marijuana vape pens as their jobs do regular drug tests. It may be legal to use it, but having THC in the system is still a fire-able offense.  Nicotine in the system may increase your insurance, but pot in your system may get you fired. And finally there’s the cost of the cannabis as well. Legal or not, cannabis is a lot more expensive than nicotine. More users would seek after a more potent concentration where with nicotine, users (for the most part) taper off to a smaller nicotine concentration as time progresses.

We can see marijuana vape pens being a hit, but it will never outstrip the E-Cig market by an means.


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