pro vape protests

Pro-vaping advocates in Indianapolis, USA, recently gathered to protest the change of a bill known as HB 1386 that is set to change the quality control process during manufacturing in the state of Indiana.

 E-liquid manufacturers currently have to employ a security firm to perform quality control tests on products. What the House Bill 1386 is proposing, however, is that the security firms themselves must meet highly specialised certifications.

According to Evan McMahon, chairman of local vaping group Hoosier Vapers, there is only one security firm in the country that currently meets those strict requirements.

As a result, as many as 2,200 people stand to lose their jobs, and 11 vape businesses have already closed up this year, Mr McMahon explained.

That’s why more than 100 people gathered outside the Indiana Statehouse to encourage the state governor to veto the bill.

If it were to come through, the local vape businesses could employ the one security firm in the country with the correct authorisation for quality control. That is, if the firm can handle the influx of new business. The transition period could disrupt many companies in the process. If that were to happen, local security firms would lose out on vape contracts, and would see a drop in income as a result.

Mr McMahon goes on to explain that there are some 165,000 regular vapers around Indiana who would likely be adversely affected by the bill, should it be made a law. Many of those who gathered at the rally were such vapers, who were there to voice their support and talk about how vaping had been a huge help in their efforts for smoking cessation.

The Indiana state governor now has to make the decision of whether to sign off on the bill, or listen to pro-vape advocates and veto it completely.