Will Richmond, Virginia, ban vaping in public?

Richmond is the capital city of the state of Virginia and is one of America’s oldest cities. It has been in the news this week for becoming yet another city that is debating its vaping laws. In particular, one anti-vape advocate is suggesting that electronic cigarettes and other vaporising products should be banned from public places.

At present, cigarettes are not allowed in public areas such as movie theatres, restaurants, libraries and more. If state senator John Miller gets his way, a bill will be passed that groups vape products in the same group as combustible tobacco products, therefore banning them from public spaces as well.

His decision to propose the bill expanding the definition of smoking comes from the belief that there is still much research to do before the effects of vape products can truly be known.

He said that some people were confused about whether or not vape products were legal in restaurants and other spaces, as many people don’t yet understand the vast differences between cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and the like. This bill would therefore allay the fears of anyone who thinks of vaping as unhealthy, irritating or outright dangerous.

“We don’t know if these e-cigarettes are safe or not, and I think we should air on the side of caution”, Mr Miller said.

Unfortunately, such beliefs held by leaders in society are much of the reason many people still consider vaping to be similar to smoking. While there are plenty of studies underway at present, it has already been established that vaping is as much as 95 per cent less damaging than cigarettes, and also that vapour disappears within seconds, compared to many minutes for smoking.