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Quitting Smoking and the Role Vaping Can Play

Posted 13th Oct 2016 to Vaping News


 Why vaping is better than smoking

Stoptober’s premise is that if you can quit smoking for 28 days, you are more likely to stay off of it forever. Quitting smoking is a personal experience that is unique to every individual. Some will prefer pharmaceuticals to quit smoking, some will prefer patches, and some will want to simply vape. It all depends on the individual. Vaping can help anyone using any of these methods in their quitting journey - or be used on its own. If you give vaping a try for 28 days, either alone or in conjunction with other methods, you will have started your journey.


How to start your quitting journey


The best time to quit is when you are on the fence about it, because you’ll never make that jump unless you give yourself a push. Even if you just attend a counselling session at your local NHS stop smoking centre, you’ll be taking a first step towards quitting. Surround yourself with people who support you, whether through group counselling, numerous online communities for quitters, and apps. And of course, your friends and family are excellent support to enlist as well.


Public Health England has data which shows that pairing local stop smoking services with vaping helps to increase the success rate of quitting - consider setting up an appointment or dropping in to see what they can do for you in Stoptober.


Vaping in conjunction with other smoking cessation methods


We all try - or have tried - numerous methods to quit smoking. And we should continue trying anything that works for us on a personal level until we find something that works. Pharmaceuticals, patches and nicotine gum are all proven, effective ways to quit smoking. But the one thing they do not replace is the behavioural aspect of smoking - the act of putting something in your mouth, inhaling, and exhaling vapour. Vaping gives you this behavioural advantage which is very effective in helping you transition from smoker to nonsmoker. If you are using vaping in conjunction with any products containing nicotine, you should be purchasing zero-nicotine eliquid for your vaping kit to ensure that there are no harmful interactions. And it certainly tastes better than smoking a cigarette.


Vaping helped 18,000 Brits quit last year

If you want to start vaping, you’re in good company. Over 2.8 million people in the United Kingdom vape and 18,000 of them quit smoking entirely using vaping in 2015 - according to a recent joint study conducted by the University College of London and Cancer Research UK. They are also highly effective according to the study - with each 1% increase in ecigarette use, successful quit attempts rose by 0.98%.


Personalising your quit attempt is key


In the end, you have to do whatever works for you. If that is vaping coupled with counselling, vaping on its own, or quitting with any other aid, people in the vaping industry have one almost fanatic goal - to help you quit. Take advantage of all of our resources on this site, and participate in our giveaways, to give yourself even more incentives to join our important national quitting effort this Stoptober.



Image Credit: Lindsay Fox




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