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Remind me again how toxic ecigarette vapour is?

Posted 8th May 2015 to The Science of Vaping


The results to this vaping vs. smoking study probably won't surprise you

Looking for a fresh perspective on the vaping vs. smoking debate? Here are some new numbers to wrap your head around.
A study published in journal "Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology" tested three flavours of Blu ecigarettes as well as two flavours of SKYCigs, which were compared with Marlboro Golds and Lambert & Butler cigarettes. The air in the room was also tested as a control.
As you may remember from a previous article of ours on this study, ecigarette vapour is generally about as toxic as the regular air we breathe every day.
Though the researchers tested for carbon monoxide, carbonyls, phenolics, volatiles, metals, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, polyaromatic amines, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, they found that the ecigarette vapour was comprised of propylene glycol, water, flavours and trace nicotine additives.
What's more, the researchers only managed to get a baseline measurement of 0.18 milligrams of HPHCs after emitting 99 puffs of the ecigarette. However, it only took a single puff of the Marlboro cigarette to register 30.6 milligrams. That's roughly 1,500 times the toxins when you pit a cigarette puff against an ecigarette puff.
Of course, this isn't sufficient to definitively conclude that ecigarette vapour cannot possibly harm our lungs. Moreover, there was an acknowledged conflict of interest: the researchers work for the same parent company that manufactures the ecigarettes.
While we await further evidence, however, consider this slightly more casual experiment, which offers a much more visceral comparison of vapour and cigarette smoke.

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