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Report: Wacky eliquid flavours are not for the faint of heart

Posted 17th Apr 2015 to Vaping Style and Culture


Some eliquid flavours are a bit too gross, even for us!


Much as we'd love to be able to refer to ourselves as the world's only destination for weird eliquid flavours, there's certainly a much wider market out there that's been catering to your need for novelty vapes.

So much so, in fact, that Vice put its intrepid team of reporters up to the task of some very important muckraking.

In a piece titled "We Tried the Most Disgusting E-Cig Flavors So You Don't Have To," Vice reporters videotaped themselves reacting to eliquid flavours like Nacho Cheese, Red Bull, and Cola. 

"It goes without saying that vapes and electronic cigarettes are more than just a trend," reasons Vice. "Today, e-cig tech is a huge start-up scene that brings in around $2 billion a year. If it keeps going this way, you'll have to buy your analog cigarettes at Urban Outfitters next to a row of victrolas with USB drives. Like any rapidly-expanding market, there are companies racing to come up with new innovations that set them apart from the industry sheeple, all vying for a puff of that sweet vapor money. In the case of e-cigs, that can mean crafting bizarre and sometimes heinous vape flavors."

Mind if we jump in for a second?

As a purveyor of many of said heinous vape flavours -- we prefer the term "savoury," to be quite honest -- it's probably only fair to point out that we had a very niche but dedicated following who approached our Roast Beef and Bacon Ice eliquids like a seasoned whiskey connoisseur approaches a 125-year barrel-aged rye. 

But, as any self-aware mad scientist of vapes does, we decided to phase out some of our more eccentric flavours because, well, Vice sort of got it right.

In place of our Savoury category, we've created a new one for our Confectionery flavours: sweet, inoffensive, instant favourites like Milk Chocolate eliquid and English Toffee eliquid.

The reasoning was as follows: Most people have a limited capacity for novelty. Once that wears off, they tend to stick with the things that consistently bring them pleasure: the same one or two tracks on an album, or the same brunch plate at that restaurant down the street.

As far as hitting all the right notes with our customers, it's been more or less like taking candy from a child.


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