One of our top eliquid flavours can do wonders for male sexual enhancement


Doctors hate that some of our very own Vapemate customers have gotten in on this naughty little secret!

The market is chock full of potions, supplements and self-help guides designed to aid you on your quest to become super-human between the sheets, but it may not be too much to say the market will sputter once the word gets out in the larger vaping community.

New research from the Association of Sexual Studies (ASS) suggests that eliquids containing a specific molecular compound found in Cinnamon Danish Swirl flavourings can have a marked effect on sexual performance.

The team, led by Dr Shibbolitz Afulé, conducted a longitudinal study of 428 vapers -- as well as a control group of 26 non-vapers -- who were all given one of 50 Vapemate eliquids to puff on over the course of six weeks. They were asked to keep a record of their vaping habits (though they were asked to vape approximately twice a day), as well as a diary of their sexual activities. 

The researchers were hoping to find some sort of relationship between libido and vaping in general, but they were somewhat surprised to discover that the results for the Cinnamon Danish Swirl puffers were somewhat disproportional in magnitude.

"It was puzzling at first to see one specific subset of our test group experience such outsized effects, but after the seven vapers using Cinnamon Danish Swirl Eliquid all reported 'peak stallion performance' in their fourth or fifth weeks, our team reevaluated the hypothesis and took a closer look at the flavour's chemical composition," said Afulé. "Sure enough, the molecule that makes Cinnamon Danish Swirl Cream so, well, Cinnamon Danish Swirlish, is the same molecule found in many leading libido enhancers."

Of course, the lucky test subjects had some fairly outlandish statements recorded in their diaries, including the following gems:

"A little worried that my erection's been going on for more than six hours. Isn't that when you're usually supposed to seek help? Whatever – this is totally worth it!"

"Last night Ellie was like, 'Is it just me, or is your dick enormous lately?'"

"I think I'm going to quit my job and become a web cam boy."

One of the test subjects with the starkest contrast before and after he began using the Cinnamon Danish Swirl cure made a particularly astute observation when he said, “I’m totally shocked that something as easy and fun as vaping with an ecigarette could have this effect on me. I sometimes feel like someone’s playing a huge joke on me”