For the past few years the news has been saturated with contradicting and frustrating headlines for e-cigarette users and smokers alike. Every week it seems a new conflicting statement or “study” is being released from either the anti or pro e-cigarette groups. These uninformed reports are intended to confuse readers looking for legitimate answers to this controversial subject. However, what happens to the public’s perception of e-cigarettes and vaping when people are constantly bombarded by intimidating articles?

Dr. Farsalinos asked this exact question after examining the results obtained from the National Cancer Institute’s “Health Information National Trends Survey”. The survey consisted of 3,630 adults, including smokers, nonsmokers, and smokers that had quit. This survey attempted to analyze the perceptions various smokers had about e-cigarettes, and the risk these devices may have compared to traditional analog cigarettes. The researchers examined public perception of e-cigarettes from 2009 to 2013, and discovered some surprising results.

In 2009, 51% of the participants perceived e-cigarettes to be less damaging than conventional cigarettes, yet smokers were only 2.5 times more likely to be convinced. In 2010, 84.7% of smokers considered e-cigarettes to be safer than cigarettes. Surprisingly in the most recent survey these numbers dropped to only 65%, a 19.7% drop in the confidence of e-cigarettes! The results of this survey revealed that misinformation distributed by tobacco companies and other anti-vaping organizations has affected the public’s perception of potential health risks.

However, based on the scientific findings, e-cigarettes are considerably safer and healthier than cigarettes or other tobacco products. “Big Tobacco” and “Big Pharma” are playing with people’s lives, using scare tactics, bullying, and a massive amount of misinformation to keep their customers. Vapers, smokers, and non-smokers need to unite and make their voices heard, because together we are one loud roaring voice that cannot be ignored!!!

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