September Holidays You Can Vape To

Summer has been great for us here in the U.K., but we’re glad that fall is on its way. September will mark the start of a new season, and it’s also full of holidays that you can vape to.

2nd September- Welsh Rarebit Day

This cheesy, comforting dish is making a comeback in trendy restaurants and among celebrity chefs, and apparently it even has its own day. What better to pair it with than Welsh pipe tobacco e-liquid?

8th September- Iguana appreciation day

What’s not to love about iguanas? They’re fascinating creatures and they make great pets for those who might not be dog or cat people. Celebrate this exotic animal with mango flavoured e-liquid.

12th September- Chocolate Milkshake Day

This month doesn’t have to mean the end of sweet treats. 12 September is Chocolate Milkshake Day, and you can get in on the fun by mixing our ice cream and milk chocolate flavours.

19th September- Apple Day

Of course, it makes sense to celebrate this delicious fruit just as fall is beginning. This year, start the season right right with our apple cinnamon flavour.

25th September- World Dream Day

Everyone dreams. It’s only right that there should be a holiday to celebrate this universal experience. Just as long as we don’t include the one where you go to class naked. Get into the spirit by snuggling into bed and getting ready for dreamland with our soothing lotus flower e-liquid.

26 September- Love Note Day

Now that you’ve spent the night of the 25th dreaming, spend the 26th writing the perfect love note for your significant other. It never hurts to add a little gift to the note, and we suggest our decadent hazelnut flavoured e-liquid.