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Six Ways to Conquer Your Cigarette Cravings

Posted 16th Jul 2015 to Quit Smoking


Conquer Cigarette Cravings

People around the world are using e-cigarettes as a cessation method from combustible cigs. If you’re one of those people, we feel for you! Below you’ll find six tips to get rid of cigarette cravings.

Find something to chew on…and stock up! – Whether it’s gum, pistachios, a toothpick, you’ll need to give your mouth something to do in place of sucking down on a cigarette, especially as vaping is banned in more and more places. Whatever it is, make sure you have plenty of it around.  

Take a walk – This is a quick and easy way to distract your mind from thoughts of cigarettes.  

Remember why you’re quitting – It might be your kids, your girlfriend, your mum, maybe you just want to make more gains at the gym. Whatever your reason may be, it will be helpful to keep your goal in mind as soon as a craving strikes.

Steer clear of triggers – This will be especially important in the first days and weeks of trying to quit.  Maybe you’ll want to avoid bars and other hangouts where you’ll run into a lot of smokers, or start going to a different convenience store where you’ve never bought cigarettes before.

Meditate – We don’t necessarily mean sitting cross-legged and chanting “ohm.” Meditation can take many forms, think of it more like counting sheep when you’re awake. Similar to taking a walk, meditation is an activity that will clear your head during intense cravings.

Call a friendAt the time you make the decision to quit, it’s a great idea to ask a friend to be there for you whenever you’re hit with the desire to smoke. This way when the urge comes on you’ll have someone to call and chat with, or maybe to yell at you until you’re not thinking of cigs anymore.


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