Smokers could gain millions of life years if they switch to vaping

Quit Smoking and Live for 87 Million Years Longer


A recent study has shown that millions of smokers will live longer if they switched to vaping.

According to the research, if 6.6 million  US smokers made the switch to vaping they could collectively live an extra 87.6 million years longer.

The study, created by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center made the calculations, based on smokers quitting and swapping cigarettes for ecigarettes over a 10-year time period.

The team looked at variables including harm from ecigarettes, and amount of youth uptake, and the rate of cessation among others.

On its website the Georgetown University Medical Centre said that:


Two projections, one described as optimistic and one pessimistic, were made based on different scenarios regarding the relative harms of e-cigarettes compared to cigarettes as well as differences in the timing of smoking initiation, cessation and switching. Both scenarios conclude there still would be considerable premature deaths averted, but also a much larger number of life years saved.

“The ‘pessimistic’ scenario finds 1.6 million of these former cigarette smokers will have a combined 20.8 million more years of life, while the ‘optimistic’ scenario calculates 6.6 million nicotine users who switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes will live 86.7 more life years.

And the research showed that not only would a switch bring about a huge increase in years lived, but there would be other health benefits too.  This would include a reduction in disability from smoking, reduced exposure to second-hand smoke and in general a reduction in suffering disease from smoking.

Results were published in the Tobacco Control control.  Authors, led by David Levy, PhD, professor of oncology at Georgetown Lombardi say it is the first study to model public health outcomes if cigarette smoking was replaced by e-cigarettes and “supports a policy strategy that encourages replacing cigarette smoking with vaping to yield substantial life year gains.”

Funding for the research came from the National Institutes of Health, and involved scientists from multiple universities and research groups.