Smoking After Sex? Think Again

For decades, smoking cigarettes has been portrayed as sexy and sophisticated on movies and television. Just try and find one of those renowned black-and-whites where the actors aren’t constantly lighting and puffing away on combustible cigs.

Well, it’s 2019 now and it’s time to put the myth of the sexy smoker to rest, one of the many reasons for this being that traditional smoking is just plain bad for your sexual health.

Some of the chemicals in cigs can act as vasoconstrictors. Think of the term vasectomy, which is the procedure a man goes through to take away the ability to get a woman pregnant.

Last week, we wrote about how smoking affects blood flow. Since blood flow to the penis is what causes an erection, it only makes sense that smoking cigs would make a man a little, shall we say, softer than his non-smoking counterparts. One study found that just two cigs could soften an erection in men. Another study found that men with erectile dysfunction are two times as likely to be current or former smokers.

The effects smoking has on blood flow could be a primary cause of inhibited sexual arousal in both men and women. Then, of course, there are the various secondary causes brought on by other smoking-related health problems.

For instance, the shortness of breath and lowered lung capacity caused by smoking certainly isn’t going to help you in the sack. And there are few things less sexy than getting into bed with someone who coughs up phlegm from their dirty lungs every few minutes. So get sexy and quit smoking!