Smoking affects your social life

People are well aware that smoking causes incredible damage to a person’s body. But what about the personal and emotional effects? Below are 5 non-health related reasons to stamp out those cigs.

Kissing a Smoker is Like Kissing An Ashtray

It’s a common phrase because it’s all too true. People are increasingly reluctant to date smokers. Last year, a survey of users of the dating website,, found that “58% of respondents absolutely would not consider dating a smoker.”

It’s Harder to Get a Job

Recently, a U.S. hospital enacted a ban on hiring smokers, and in the coming years, it’s possible that more companies could do the same. Even if a company doesn’t explicitly ban smokers, it doesn’t make a good impression to walk into an interview reeking of cigs or standing outside of a business and polluting the air with smoke.

It will Strain your Relationships

If you’re a smoker who’s lucky enough to be dating a nonsmoker, you probably know all about this. Whether it’s your significant other, your friends or your family, all smokers have people in their lives who just wish they would quit and can get quite vocal about it.

You Get No Respect

Smoking can complicate your relationship with your partner, your colleagues and your family, but don’t worry, strangers aren’t big fans of smokers either. A survey completed in 2013 found that 83% of smokers felt that they were “treated with respect” the previous day, compared to 93% of nonsmokers.

It’ll Break the Bank

It’s no secret that smoking is expensive, and the prices are only rising.  Some are estimating that a pack of combustible cigs could cost  £15 by 2020.


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