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Stealth vaping: is it all that stealthy?

Posted 28th Dec 2015 to Vaping News


The Merriam Webster dictionary defines ‘stealthy’ as ‘quiet and secret in order to avoid being noticed’.

And apparently, stealthy vaping could be the next big thing.

A company called Vaprwear has come out with a line of clothing that allows you to vape ‘stealthily’. The vape hoodie is the main item, which basically hides a DLo vape system under the fabric. The hoodlace, however, is actually the mouthpiece, so you can easily vape away without giving much away.

The Vaprwear team have it pretty sussed out. You can zip the hood completely off to allow you to clean both the jumper and the hose, and they’re even offering customised hoodies, and several vape companies have already ordered them with logos for their staff.

You can vape dry herbs, wax, or liquids, and you’ve got a huge range of styles and colours for both men and women. There are also a few dresses, t-shirt hoodies, and robe hoodies amongst the stock available. Plus, they even offer gift cards if you still haven’t sorted out your Christmas presents yet.

We do have a couple of questions, however.

The first – how stealthy is this really? While you can’t see the vape kit, we think the clouds of vapour might give the game away, or at least, the strong and temporary smell of various e-liquids could raise some eyebrows.

The second – is it really necessary to hide oyur vaping? Vaping has not yet been banned in the same way that cigarette smoking has - and we’re hoping it will stay that way – so it feels a bit like you’re trying to hide something perfectly acceptable like drinking a cup of coffee.

That said, these hoodies are pretty cool. 


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