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Stoptober: Its Not Too Late To Join Our National Quit Smoking Effort

Posted 24th Oct 2016 to Vaping News


Not too late to join Stoptober!!


We have a habit and history of pulling together for the common good. In the case of Stoptober, you can do yourself some good - and contribute to national quitting statistics - by quitting smoking in the month Public Health England has designated as Stoptober.


Free resources to help you quit


Stoptober historically boasts almost one million quit attempts during October, which is amazing considering that it was only started in 2012. The campaign is predicated on the fact that if you can quit smoking for 28 days, you are much more likely to quit for good.


Stoptober’s resources are all listed on its website, which invites you to download an app to help you quit, find out more about e-cigarettes, join an email list to help motivate you throughout the month, and much more.


How vaping helps you quit - and has won the government over


For the 2016 Stoptober campaign, Public Health England is actively promoting vaping. This is due to a number of reasons. In the past year, studies and reports from some of England’s most respected bodies have shown a positive correlation between quit attempts with vaping and success, and a significant reduced harm from vaping over smoking. Some of these include:



The message is clear - smoking kills and vaping helps smokers quit.


Vaping + Stop Smoking Service = Higher chance of success


Ecigarettes may be the most popular quit smoking method, but stop smoking services are the most effective. Once you’ve started vaping, do yourself the favour of dropping in or making an appointment with your local stop smoking service, which you can find here. Two-thirds of smokers who vaped and used a stop smoking service were able to quit for good, according to Public Health England. You can choose one-on-one counselling or participate in group counselling sessions to get at the root of why you smoked and identify your triggers so you don’t pick up the habit again.


Over 218,000 smokers signed up to Stoptober services last year. Overall in 2015, of the 2.5 million smokers who tried to quit, 500,000 stayed off the cigs for good. There’s no reason vaping can’t help us “blow” through that number in 2016.

Its also not too late to enter our giveaway for a massive amount of prizes at www.swaptober.org.uk - make sure you enter before October 31! 


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