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Studies suggest weakened immune system from vaping

Categories: Vaping News
Date: 4 Mar 2016 03:58

A new study links vaping with a weakened immune system.


Here's some slightly less welcome news for vaping advocates - a recent study has shown some negative health effects caused by electronic cigarettes. However, while the study does give one pause, the benefits of giving up traditional cigarettes for eliquid still far outweigh this recent development.

The study, published in science journal PLOS One, tested the effects of e-cig liquids on mice with comparable concentrations of serum cotinine to those that a human would experience when vaping. The research was carried out over the space of two weeks, and results in a significant increase in oxidative stress, as well as some macro-phage mediated inflammation.

Put simply, the e-cigarette vapour had a negative effect on the immune system of the mice, leaving them more susceptible to picking up viral illnesses, and making it harder to recover from existing ones.

While the study has not been completed on human, the researchers concluded by saying “e-cig exposure as an alternative to cigarette smoking must be rigorously tested in users for their effects on immune response and susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections”.

Even though a weakened immune system may not be a huge concern for those in good health, it could be more of an issue for those dealing with other illnesses.

One thing to remember is that even though we are now waiting on further studies to find out if these results also apply to humans, we already know that smoking makes it more likely that the user will become unwell with more coughs and colds.

Smoking is a known cause of cancer, and has many other potentially fatal side effects besides. If it’s a question of whether vaping is worth trying as a smoking cessation tool, there is no question about electronic cigarettes being significantly less damaging than tobacco cigarettes – as much as 95 per cent, according to one study. 



Martin Kelly

posted on 2016-03-07 17:39:20

Interesting article. However, it's worth noting that this was a comparative study between mice breathing clean (presumably filtered) air and mice breathing air infused with an amount of e-vapour corresponding to a typical user of e-cigarettes (whatever that might be?) It would have been far more useful however, if they had included a third study group of mice breathing air infused with tobacco smoke and compared all three results, which makes me wonder where the funding of this study came from...

Artemis Khall

posted on 2016-03-07 10:12:20

So I just looked up serum cotinine and it would seem to be to do with tobacco and nicotine so if you have neither in your e liquid does this study actually apply?

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