A new study by Dr. Konstantin Farsalinos and colleagues from the Onassis Cardiac Center in Athens published their latest findings regarding the physiological effects of vaping compared to conventional cigarettes. The study included 40 e-cigarette users and 36 heavy smokers, all of which were considered healthy. Both groups had their cardiac functions and responses evaluated before and after either smoking one cigarette or vaping for 7 minutes. The authors discovered the two groups were similar in their baseline measurements; however discrepancies between the two groups occurred after the “smoking” measurements. The vaping group presented zero changes in any of the measured cardiac functions. The smoking group was a different story and had several measurable declines in numerous areas of cardiac functioning.

This is an incredibly important study as it examines and finally puts to rest one of the most disconcerting false claims made by anti-vaping groups…that e-cigarettes cause harm to the cardiovascular system. Considering this study found e-cigarettes pose nonexistent risks to the heart, it will hopefully break through to some of the close-minded government agencies that seem to be only concerned with losing funding from “Big Tobacco”. These agencies and organizations need to open their eyes to the real issue of saving lives and improving public health rather than simply making money.