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Study Confirms Vapor Not Toxic to Human Airways

Posted 29th Jul 2015 to The Science of Vaping


Study Confirms Vapor Not Toxic to Human Airways



To us, it’s always seemed like common sense that the vapour produced by e-cigs would not have a toxic effect on the human body, mostly because the smooth feeling of inhaling vapour is just so different from the harsh feeling of inhaling the toxic smoke of combustibles. Now, there’ science to back the sense up.

Using a smoking robot (they have robots for everything these days, apparently), and 3-D models of respiratory cells of a non-smoker, researchers found that after exposure to e-cig vapour, the cell models showed little to no change. The test was done in direct comparison to the effects of combustible cigarette smoke. It won’t come as a surprise that cells exposed to cigarette smoke showed significant, and quite crappy, changes. For instance, after six hours of exposure to smoke, the number of healthy cells decreased 88%. When the test was done with e-cig vapour, the cells showed no significant change.

We might not have smoking robots or 3-D cell makers at home, and if we did we probably use them more as party entertainment than as scientific devices, so we’re glad that this group of researchers could conduct this study. Hopefully, research like this will continue and the results can be used to show people that vaping is not the big bad wolf that some politicians are making it out to be.  


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