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Study Shows 18,000 in United Kingdom Quit Smoking in 2015 With Vaping

Posted 23rd Sep 2016 to Vaping News


Study shows ecigarettes spur successful quit attempts


A new study from University College London and Cancer Research UK shows that vaping was directly responsible for 18,000 successful quit smoking attempts in England in 2015, and that number is expected to grow for 2016. Over 2.8 million people are currently using ecigarettes (a term popularly used for vaping devices) in the United Kingdom.


The study objective was to show how adoption of e-cigarettes was affecting quit rates across the UK, and if other methods of smoking cessation and behavioural supports (e.g. therapy and counseling) were used as well. The study conclusion should have the pharma industry worried:


“The increased prevalence of e-cigarettes in England does not appear to have been associated with a detectable change in attempts to stop smoking. However, the increase in e-cigarette use has been associated with an increase in success of quit attempts. Growth in the use of e-cigarettes for quitting has also been associated with a decline in use of NRT obtained on prescription, but has not clearly been associated with the use of other quitting support.”


Essentially, people are turning to e-cigarettes instead of NRT, and while quit attempts have not increased significantly among smokers who switch to e-cigarettes, the success of those quit attempts has increased.


Researchers laud liberal e-cigarette regulations


Robert West, Professor of Health Psychology at Cancer Research UK, lauded England’s liberal regulatory framework for vaping as partially responsible. “England is sometimes singled out as being too positive in its attitude to e-cigarettes. These data suggest that our relatively liberal regulation of e-cigarettes is probably justified.”


Since the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) only went into effect in May 2016, it would be interesting to see if the data decline next year due to stiffer regulation on e-cigarettes under the TPD. Prior to the TPD’s enactment in the year the data was collected, regulations for e-cigarettes were far more liberal. For example, you could buy eliquid in bottles over 10ml - now you can’t.


The most interesting data out of the study is not the amount of people that are vaping to quit smoking - but rather that quit attempts translate into quit success with ecigarettes. This is great news for anyone looking to switch - make Swaptober your switch date and look out for promotions from us to make it more tantalizing.

Full text of the study is available here.


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