Wales vaping ban

Months ago, we brought you the story of a proposed ban on vaping in Wales. We know that many in the vaping community have been following the story closely and making their voices heard against an unnecessarily strict regulation, which would ban vaping in all enclosed spaces, including bars, restaurants, sports venues, you name it.

Now, survey results have been released that show a majority of Welsh citizens who were questioned on the issue responded that they were not in favour of the ban. While it has been noted that the majority is “slight,” this is a strong indicator that citizens are not as concerned with the “issue” of vaping (in fact they don’t find it much of an issue at all).

The survey, conducted by The Assembly’s Health and Social Care Committee, also showed, unsurprisingly, that many of the people questioned who vaped are doing so to try and quit smoking combustible cigs.

The committee is set to publish a report on the proposed Public Health Bill later this year. David Rees AM, chair of the committee, said that “…the results do at least give an indication of people’s opinions in Wales about this important piece of legislation.”

We hope that the lawmakers in Wales will listen to their citizens and stand up for their right to vape freely.