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Swaptober 2015 Winners!

Posted 2nd Nov 2015 to Vaping News, Quit Smoking


Swaptober is over... (BOOO!!)

But a few of you have won some pretty awesome prizes... (YAY!!)

Well guys, what a massive response! This Swaptober was the biggest yet and a HUGE  number of you got involved. More than 8000 of you entered our Prize Draw Giveaway with more than 25,000 entries!

The prize winners are all listed below. The five winners picked from the actions in the widget on this page were automatically selected by Gleam, the five winners selected from all the sales in October were selected using this random name selection tool. We then used the same random name selector to pick the order of the winners and these are all shown below.

If you have won a prize, we will contact you directly before the close of business today. Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to everyone who entered this campaign. It was one of the biggest promotions we have ever run and your response to it was enormous!!




1st Apple iPad Mini 4  Cliff Irvine
2nd £150 Amazon vouchers  Joe Jackson
3rd 10,000 VM Rewards (worth £100) Miika Pyökäri 
4th 2,500 VM Rewards (worth £25)  Petra Sage
5th 2,500 VM Rewards (worth £25)  Tim Claxton
6th 2,500 VM Rewards (worth £25)  Lewis Reilly
7th 2,500 VM Rewards (worth £25)  Tamara Tanner
8th 2,500 VM Rewards (worth £25)  Oliver Weigand
9th 2,500 VM Rewards (worth £25)  Tamara Lawson
10th 2,500 VM Rewards (worth £25)  Colleen Galatola




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