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Swaptober is Here! Visit our Microsite for Inspiration and a Massive Giveaway

Posted 30th Sep 2016 to Vaping News


Swaptober is Here! Swap smoking for vaping to try to quit


Start your vaping engines! Swaptober is officially here. We’ve been working around the clock to put together a massive giveaway and microsite to encourage every smoker to switch to vaping. We’ll be having special promotions throughout the month to encourage smokers to quit, and to reward our current customers for the good job they are doing by continuing not to smoke.


The Swaptober Giveaway - Win more than £2000 in prizes!


Ten lucky winners will finish Swaptober with an impressive array of prizes.


  • FIRST £1500 Holiday Voucher to Anywhere on Earth

  • SECOND Tesla Nano Steampunk Mod, Axiom Tank & 10 Bottles of Eliquid

  • THIRD £150 Vapemate Voucher

  • FOURTH Kanger Topbox Mini Kit, £50 VM Gift Card & 5 Bottles of Eliquid

  • FIFTH £25 VM Gift Card & 5 Bottles of Eliquid

  • RUNNERS-UP 5 x £25 VM Gift Cards


Winners will be randomly selected and will be announced in November. There are over 20 ways to enter - click on the giveaway button at http://www.swaptober.org.uk/ and log in with one of your social media accounts to see them all. There are one-time only entries, such as liking Swaptober on Facebook, and daily entries such as sharing a photo of your vape setup on Twitter and Facebook.


Follow Swaptober social media


Follow the Swaptober social media channels for flash updates about Swaptober:






Dual Users: Now is the Time!

If you are still dual-using cigarettes and vaping, Swaptober is a good time to challenge yourself to quit for good. While it certainly helps to cut down on smoking - and nobody is disparaging the efforts you’ve made so far - it’s obviously better to not smoke at all. Here are some tips to get you off of the cigs for good:


  • If your current eliquids aren’t packing enough of a punch to get you to quit entirely, consider upping the nicotine strength to the next level

  • If you are using a vape pen and haven’t managed to quit yet, consider stepping up to a higher-level device - we’re running a 25% off promotion on a Cool Fire kit that will deliver a more satisfying hit than a vape pen

  • Take advantage of Stoptober programs being offered in your community to pair counselling and/or group sessions with vaping for more support


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