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“Quit smoking…” Resolve to Switch to Vape This New Year

Posted 21st Dec 2016 to Vaping News, Quit Smoking


If you’re one of the 7 million people who each January 1st resolve to make a healthier start, then quitting smoking might be on your list for 2017.  Quitting always makes the top ten of new year’s resolutions, along with losing weight and seeing more of the world.

According to charity ASH, two-thirds of the 9.6 million UK smokers want to quit, but only 30-40% of those make the attempt.  And we all know how difficult new year’s resolutions are to keep.

One of the secrets to successful resolutions is having support. But don’t just tell your friends and family, if you make the switch from cigarettes to vape you could bring a friend along too.

If you know someone who smokes make the switch together and have twice the chance of keeping that resolution and getting free from cigarettes.

However support comes not only from friends, but from your supplier too.  If you need help or something goes wrong you’ll want a supplier that can help and advise you.


Make the Switch This New Year with Vapemate’s January Sale


To start you off on the road to cigarette freedom try Vapemate’s January Sale. You’ll find 70 flavours reduced by up to 75% and huge discounts on hardware too.  Our getting started guides below are there to help too:


Making the Switch

Vaping Basics

Eliquid Info


Experiment with Flavours

If you are making the switch the first thing you’ll probably try is a tobacco flavour, to mimic your cigarette experience.

But there’s a lot of flavours out there and people that transition to vaping tend to stick long-term with non-tobacco flavours.  So try a few, try a lot. But do try more than one. Your vaping experience is better and your chances of keeping off cigarettes is improved.

Be Patient Too

Quitting cigarettes is a personal thing. Some find it easy, some find it harder.  But be patient and try not to look at it as a one size fits all solution. If you do give in to a craving, then just try again.

You could try getting rid of your cigarettes, but if that’s too difficult then put them somewhere you’ll find it difficult to reach them, a place where it requires a lot of effort to get them.  Don’t smoke and vape though.

You should get back-up devices too.  Many starter kits come with extra coils and batteries so you can, for example, charge the old battery while still vaping using the back-up.  That way a minor problem won’t send you back to regular cigarettes.

There are 2.6 million vapers in the UK and that number is growing.  But everyday there’s a new study on e-cigarettes and vaping.  There’s also a lot of studies being done on e-cigarettes with more than is helpful amounts of contradictory information being published.

But if we only look at the facts that are proven beyond doubt, then the situation becomes crystal clear. Smoking kills.  It’s the one proven thing that everyone agrees on.

What Happens in the Hours, Days and Weeks After Your Last Cigarette?

Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide which bonds well to blood cells but prevents oxygen bonding to blood cells.  The lack of oxygen causes serious heart and health problems.  But just one day after quitting your risk of heart disease will be reduced.

8 hours: Oxygen levels increased – half the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood.

24 hours: All carbon monoxide has gone.

48 hours: Taste and smell improve as receptors begin to mend themselves.

72 hours: Bronchial tubes become clearer and breathing becomes easier.

1 to 9 months:  The tiny hairs in your lungs start to repair and push out all the mucus. 

5 years:  Your risk of heart attack is halved.

5 to 15 years:  Your risk of stroke is same as a non-smoker.

10 years:  Your risk of cancer is half that of a smoker, your risk of heart attack is same as non-smoker.


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