I have a love and hate relationship with new mods and vaporizers. I love how almost every day there is something new that comes out and I hate how it affects my wallet! So much has changed in the vaping world in less than a year. Back in late 2013 the most-advanced regulated device only goes up to 20 watts of power now there are 100 watt devices that are going to be released at the end of the month and there are devices to go up to 200 watts by the end of the year. Devices are becoming more available to everyone and the best part is it is all for a reasonable price. Unlike the large companies like Apple and Samsung where every release doesn’t have too much innovation, newer mods and vaporizers take a huge step forward with each release.

Back when I first started vaping I remember the DNA 20’s were the best thing available on the market as there were no devices that exceeded 20 watts at the time. Most regulated devices that were readily available only went up to 15 watts. With that said the availability was quite scarce and as you can imagine it drove up the price considerably. When the DNA30’s got released, the same thing happened to the point where the chip manufacture could not meet the demands of the market and were often out of stock or severely back ordered. On eBay, the DNA30’s were selling for several hundred dollars and the chips alone could be easily sold for three or four times the retail price. In result, many vape enthusiasts started using non-isolated DC-DC converters to make their own devices. You may recall the current craze of the OKRs and your Raptors box mods where the OKR can go up to 50 watts and the Raptor can go up to 120 watts safely. As great as these devices were, they were not mass produced by a major manufacturer; some of the DNA devices were, but there was still a long waiting period actually to receive a unit. Most of these mods were created by hobbyist with good soldering skills and a bit too much time on their hands. With that said the demand greatly exceeded the supply of these devices. It seems a few manufacturers overseas (mainly China) saw this opportunity and are now manufacturing and will soon be releasing high wattage devices on par with what’s currently available and by the end of 2014 will surpass the current high powered devices.

Mech mods did not have the same restrictions the regulated devices currently have. The only restriction mech mods had were the battery that was being used.

This of course is a huge game changer as the average Joe does not have the money to spend on most of the high wattage devices. Very rarely would you even see a DNA20, DNA30, OKR, or a Raptor go below the $100 price point. With a major manufacturer creating thousands of units quickly and affordably, the market will certainly be changing with more people opting for the powerful devices since the selling point would be just a little bit more than the lower powered devices that most vendors have been selling for the last year or so. One of the most popular questions being asked is “do you really need a 100 watt or even a 200 watt device?” Quick answer, probably not, considering not everyone out there are cloud chasers or even wants to go above 10 watts of power. However because of the lower price range of the new devices being produced, I can see a lot of people going ahead and getting the high wattage device not because they will be using the extra power but more so because if they one day decide they want to crank it up and redline their mod, they can do so without having to purchase something new, especially since it’s just for a bit more than the lower powered mods.

We can now enjoy pushing massive clouds without using unprotected devices as well as a constant voltage until the battery dies.

But what about the unregulated devices (mech mods) currently out there? This has been another popular topic of discussion. Mech mods did not have the same restrictions the regulated devices currently have. The only restriction mech mods had were the battery that was being used. When the battery started draining, the voltage being outputted would slowly decline, so as your day goes on, your mod will not perform the same way it did in the afternoon than it did in the morning. Basically imagine your smartphone screen brightness slowly declining and running slower and slower as your day progresses, not a fun time! In the past where the latest and greatest regulated device only went up to 20 or 30 watts, most people opted for mech mods as they had the potential to go up much higher in wattage (we’re talking 3 to 5 times more) and much cheaper as well. However with the newer devices that are coming out, I believe the market for mech mods will be declining. Now of course there are still the diehard fanboys out there that will choose a mech mod over a regulated device and there’s no arguing with those folks, but for every other sane vaper out there, I am certain their mech mods will be left untouched and collecting dust when they get their first high powered regulated device (this is from personal experience as well).  The constant voltage throughout the entire life of the battery aside, one of the major things to consider is safety that the mech mods really lack. Sure it is safe if you don’t use an atomizer that exceeds the limits of the battery, but there are no fuses or any type of protection that would protect you from a short or the battery from overheating. Although there’s a slim chance of this happening, I would much rather have the built in protection when putting 100 watts inches from my face than not.

Oversea manufactures with high powered devices being mass produced are changing the playing field for advanced vapers. We can now enjoy pushing massive clouds without using unprotected devices as well as a constant voltage until the battery dies. The technology for vapers is moving incredibly fast, mods are considered to be outdated just a few months out on the market. It seems like as soon as your pre-order comes in, the next best thing is already out. Although there have been many strides in the area of new powerful mods, I do see it plateauing very soon as I’m sure no one in their rational mind would want a 500 watt device! 

~ Jack