The 5 types of vaper

Vapers generally fall under one of these categories – do any of them sound like you?

The vape superfan

You've got a vape mod for the car, for work, and for home. You've got a library of juices and a complicated system of letting them steep for the optimum flavour profile. You know the leading brands – and the following brands – you’re a familiar face at your local vape café and you’re even starting to consider reviewing gear and liquids on your own YouTube channel.

The rookie

Welcome, rookie. You’ve just begun on your vaping journey and we couldn’t be more chuffed to welcome you to the ranks. You’re going to have a lot of questions, but there are going to be plenty of people ready and willing to answer them. Try not to feel too overwhelmed at the myriad of kits and mods and vape juices and everything else you'll come across. We’ve all been there.

The cloud chaser

You’re most likely to be found… actually no, you’re not usually found, you’re usually hidden somewhere behind a massive cloud of vapour. It’s no easy feat being a cloud chaser, as the vapour tends to disappear pretty quickly. You've figured out that certain mods will create more clouds, and that juices with higher VG ratios will ramp them up further.

The ‘I can’t believe it’s not tobacco!’

It’s likely you’ve taken up vaping as a healthier version of smoking cigarettes or other combustibles. Good on you. Vaping is as much as 95 per cent less damaging to your health than your average cigarette, and you'll soon feel the positive effects. That said, you still love that tobacco tang, and still prefer to vape various eliquid flavours in this family.

The Mr. Gadget

You buy a kit. But you wonder how it works. You pull it apart, figure it all out, then start to add in your own style. You've always got a pair of pliers in your pocket and you’ve set up your device to exactly the way you like it. Your friends know you're the one to go to if there's a mechanical fault in their mod, and you love the opportunity to tinker around with theirs as well.