The Coolest Customised Vapes We Found Online

The Top 5 Coolest Vapes

One of the best parts about vaping is that it’s a way for people to express their individuality and vapers seem to be particularly good at that.

By now most vapers are familiar with the concept of DIY e liquid – it’s one of the best things about vaping.  Being able to customise your vape entirely to your own ends is extremely satisfying and using e liquid flavour concentrates opens up an infinite number of e juice recipes for you to test and try.


But DIY e juice aside check out our list below of the coolest customised vapes we found online.

The Gameboy

This vaper created a mod for his vape to make it look like a Gameboy and it’s giving us major vape envy. Who doesn’t want to remember the joys of playing Pokemon while also puffing on delicious eliquids? It will even let you know when your battery’s running low!


May the vape be with you! This vape mod is designed to look like the robot we all wish was our best friend, Star Wars’ R2D2. We’re pretty sure this vape won’t display any holographic messages from space princesses in distress, but we are sure it impressed all of this vaper’s friends.

Nintendo Controller

In another homage to video games of the 90s, a few different vapers have posted pictures of this Nintendo Controller vape online.

The Altoids Vape 

Modified vape pens aren’t just for robots and video games. Another popular vape mod is to use an Altoids tin for the body, perhaps a nod to the fact that vaping won’t stink up your breath like combustible cigs?

Steampunk Realness

While steampunk might be considered one of the nerdier subcultures out there, these folks were among the first groups of people to catch on to e liquid. So it’s no wonder that some of the most detailed vape mod work comes from the steampunk community, like this one, which looks like it’s straight out of a Tim Burton movie.