E-Cigarette backup: Don't forget to backup your vape pen!

You often run across intermediate to experienced vapers with multiple setups.

We’re talking half a dozen to a dozen electronic cigarettes; some big, some small and many that look similar in shape and size. But why? Why does anyone need more mods (e-cigarettes) than a throng of people can carry?

Seems absolutely ridiculous to a novice or anyone who isn’t a part of the vaping community. And I agree would agree 100% with this, that is until right now. I’ve always been a one mod man.

If I want to get another mod, I will sell or trade my current one as I've never seen any reason in own multiple devices. As I’m writing this, my mod is acting funkily. The firing button only works half the time and it likes to shut off mid vape.

It is just awful taking a long drag and for the mod to cut off 5 seconds in.  I really wish I had a backup right now and especially when I send my mod into the manufacturer for repairs since I’ll be without an e-cig for a couple of weeks!

Although it does seem ridiculous to have six backups, many folks are fanatics that like to collect.

Often times they switch up vape mods depending on what their mood is. For instance, some mods perform better than others with certain atomizers. A single-coil atomizer works better on a low powered regulated device than say a dual coil atomizer.

Larger mods will reasonably give more battery life than smaller mods. If going out for the evening, a person may want to carry something smaller rather than a brick with them especially bar hopping or other night time activities. If someone is going away for the weekend, they may want to carry a larger mod with more battery life so that they don't need to pack a charger with them.

Being the anti-social introvert that I am that doesn't venture outside that often (kidding…sort of), I only have one mod. Never in a million years did I even think it’d fail on me. But alas lesson learned but I guess the silver lining out of all this is I get to go shopping for the latest and greatest electronic cigarette! Off to see what Vapemate has to offer!

~ Jack