vaping misconceptions

Vaping is right up there with calculus in terms of things that are largely misunderstood – there really aren’t too many people who know a lot about it.

Fortunately, vaping is unlike calculus in that it’s far more interesting, any many people are learning more about it every day.

That said, there are still countless common misconceptions around our favourite pastime. Here are just a few of them.

Vaping is the new smoking

Wrong, wrong, wrong. We can’t even sugarcoat how wrong this is – vaping is nothing like smoking

Vaping uses technology, not tobacco. There are indeed some eliquids that contain nicotine, but countless studies (and simple common knowledge) show that most people who use eliquids with nicotine in them are either ex-smokers or current smokers who are using e-cigs to cut down on real cigs.

Additionally, vaping does not fund massive tobacco companies. Many suppliers are small, independent stores that are as passionate about vaping as every other vaper out there.

Vaping will pass

The man bun, choker necklaces, and crop tops are all current fashion trends that will soon pass (hopefully). What won’t pass is vaping – it’s not a fashion trend and it is around to stay.

Vaping is a way of life, particularly for those using it for a healthier anti-smoking lifestyle. They’re not about to give that up.

Everyone uses e-cigs

We talk about electronic cigarettes a lot, but really this is just a general term. E-cigs are technically the small, cigarette look-a-like that you’ll pick up from convenience stores.

What most vapers actually use are known as APVs – Advanced Personal Vaporisers. These devices are a lot more sophisticated, as they offer the user more choice in elqiuids, as well as more control over the power level and amount of vapour.

Vaping markets to kids

Anti-vaping groups are quick to look for reasons to ban vaping, and one of their favourite arguments is that the sweet and fun flavours available are used to lure kids into vaping.

We’re the first to admit that we love sweets, even though we’re all technically ‘adults’. By these arguments, we should only be selling ‘adult’ flavours – perhaps spinach, blue cheese and fillet steak.

Nobody in the industry is attempting to lure children into vaping, but we're not about to remove our favourite flavours just to prove it.

Vaping is bad for you

As countless studies have shown, vaping is considerably healthier than smoking traditional tobacco combustibles. Instead of inhaling smoke into your lungs, you’re inhaling vapour, and we’re yet to see a study that proves any link at all to carcinogenic chemicals.

Sure, vaping is relatively new to the scene and researchers are still picking apart exactly how it affects the body, but all signs are looking great so far, and any negative ones (such as the >ridiculous ‘popcorn lung’ articles) are quickly and easily shut down.

And yes, while some eliquids contain nicotine, this isn’t actually what does the damage. When you smoke a cigarette, it’s mostly the tar that causes cancer – vaping is tar-free.