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The most popular method of smoking cessation? You guessed it

Posted 14th Apr 2016 to Quit Smoking


smoking cessation

For a long time, the most common method for people trying to quit smoking was various nicotine replacement therapies such as gum and patches. However, results from research conducted at the University College London have shown that the ever-popular patches and gum have been knocked off their roost.

Of course, the new favourite is electronic cigarettes.

While many of us have long known that vaping can help people with smoking cessation, the team of researchers involved in the study found evidence that as many as one million people gave up smoking for good with the help of e-cigs in 2015.

And as the study points out, it’s only likely that this number will rise as more people turn to vaping as a form of smoking cessation as it becomes more popular and widely accepted. In order for this to happen, official laws need to at least allow, but ideally encourage the switch.

In the face of sweeping changes to vaping laws with the TPD coming up next month, studies such as this are vital to help pro-vaping groups advocate for the right to use electronic cigarettes.

For example, one new regulation coming in to play with the TPD is that e-liquids will soon have a cap on nicotine levels, bringing it down to 20mg/ml. The problem here is that roughly 25-30 percent of current vapers use levels stronger than this. As the grand majority of vapers are ex-smokers and those attempting to quit, these higher nicotine levels could be playing a large role in their success – or failure.

On top of this, tobacco flavoured e-liquids are by far the most popular, which is hardly surprising when you look at just how many people take up vaping to replace and/or remove their smoking habits.


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