While it’s becoming de rigeur to see a headline saying that yet another celeb has taken up vaping, serious kudos have to go out to Simon Cowell, who is using ecigs as a way to cut his 80-cigarette-a-day habit out of his life.


Cowell had previously tried hypnotherapy to quit smoking, but lit up on the way out of the office - he claimed that the session made him want one even more.


And, as we at Vapemate know, it was the flavour that got him. He claimed to have found one that he really enjoys, and like any good Englishman, his flavour of choice is a sweet one. Cowell was introduced to the idea by his driver, who was smoking 40 cigs a day before taking up vaping.


Cowell wants to quit smoking because of his 2-year-old son, Eric, who he is careful not to smoke around. He is currently dual-using cigarettes and his vape pen to cut down, a method which many vapers use to quit. We wish him the best of luck and hope he tries our UK-made eliquids!


Cowell joins a long list of celebrity vapers


Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dave Grohl, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Johnny Depp, Bruno Mars… there are a ton of celebrity vapers (here's a few celebrities that have quit too) before you roll your eyes and say “so what?”, consider this - vaping needs to be normalised, and nothing is better at making something seem normal than a celebrity doing it. The sooner vapers aren’t looked at as a group of people to be confined to a smoker’s pit, the more likely they are to continue not to smoke.


Vaping has also seen more appearances in pop culture, becoming almost omnipresent in television and movies.


Samuel L. Jackson now has an ornate gold and black vape pen, but enjoy this video of him a couple of years ago doing some slam poetry while drawing on a first-generation ecigarette. You’re welcome.



Image Credit: Loren Javier