The phone that vapers could only dream of

Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. Vape gear? Check.

It’s a lot to carry. Especially for guys who only usually have a couple of pockets but not the convenience of a handbag to carry it all in. So what can be done?

One company thinks it has the answer. The Vaporcade Jupiter is said to be both the first and the only mobile phone that’s also a vaporiser on the planet. You can text, take photos, send emails, and do all your usual basics, but you can also vape through its built-in cartridge and mouthpiece.

The cartridge part clips on to the top of the phone, adding just 3cm to its length but a whole new function that Apple and Samsung probably haven’t even ever considered. That said, it does make it a pretty chunky piece of technology, as it’s an 18cm mobile once you’ve got the cartridge clipped in.

At the moment, you’ve got the choice of 30 flavours of e-liquid, and the option of two models – one a standard 3G handset and the other a 4G LTE. The phone is said to run on an Android KitKat 4.4 system, which is a leading piece of software developed by Google for optimised memory, faster response and top performance throughout.

There’s no current information available on what kind of super powerful battery this phone would have to power both the communication and vaping side of the device, but that probably would help explain why the handset itself is so big.

While there are a few disbelievers who think this phone could be an elaborate hoax fit for the 21st century, we can only hope that it’s real and that it’s as cool as it looks.