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The TPD and how Vapemate is dealing with it

Posted 22nd Feb 2016 to Vaping News



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The TPD date looms ever closer, and both retailers and vapers all over Europe are making plans to deal with the new regulations that come into effect on May 20, 2016.

As a reminder, we know that the maximum e-liquid bottle size will be 10ml, that nicotine strength will be at a maximum of 2 percent, and that cartridges and tanks can only be 2ml. The rules also require producers to have leak-proof refilling mechanisms, and that products sold after May 20 will have to be submitted for product testing to the MHRA if they are to be sold in the EU. One of the more difficult regulations is that all devices must offer consistent nicotine doses, which is obviously something that is much harder to achieve.

So what is Vapemate doing about it?

First things first – while the laws come in on May 20, there’s a grace period during which old stock can be sold off. That means your favourite products and shops won’t immediately change anything significantly, as they sell out of existing products.

As for Vapemate, we’ve been hard at work prepping for the changes and asking for high-level advice from specialists to ensure we get it right.

One rule is quite simple. As far as our understanding of the leak-proof refilling mechanism regulation goes, Vapemate products already meet the requirements that ask for a maximum number of drops per minute to ensure a product is ‘leak-proof’. 

By law, we must remove all 30ml bottles, so these will no longer be available. Our 5ml bottles will also be removed from our range, but if you’re worried about what will happen to our awesome sample packs, we’ll simply offer those in 10ml bottles instead.

Regulations require that we remove our 24MG (2.4 percent) and 30MG (3 percent) nicotine options, so we are taking them out of our range. The highest option on offer from Vapemate will soon be 18MG (1.8 percent) which allows a safer margin than 2 percent to ensure proper compliance. We will also take away the option for 100 percent PG blends, which were an unpopular product to begin with, but will also help to lower our submission costs, and therefore keep prices down for our customers.

Altogether, this will drop our massive product range down to roughly 5,250 options – meaning we still offer the largest selection of UK-made e-liquids.

As for the consistent nicotine doses from devices, we know that vapour simply cannot produce a clear-cut dose that remains the same every time. Therefore, we expect that there will be further clarification of this regulation at a later date.

The main thing to remember is that Vapemate will absolutely ensure that all of our products are legally complaint when the TPD comes into effect, and that we won’t charge our customers any unnecessary fees in response to the changes.



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