The Traveller’s Guide to Vaping Abroad

It's the holiday season, and we know many of you vapers will be taking trips internationally in the coming weeks. You’ll find that some nations have embraced vaping while others have taken a hostile attitude towards it.

If you’re travelling within the continent, you’ll have to be mindful. Some countries such as Denmark and Austria have restricted the use of vaping for medicinal use only, so you must possess a permit to buy and use cartridges and e-liquids. In Finland, the sale of nicotine cartridges is illegal, however, you are permitted to bring your own as long as they contain less than 10mg of nicotine.

If you’re going overseas, be advised that Canada does not allow tobacco products to cross its border. You’ll be free to vape until your heart’s content once you arrive, but if you show up with e-liquids and kits, they may be taken from you. In America, vaping has gained a lot of popularity like here in the UK, but different states and cities have different rules for vaping.

Make sure that if you’re flying, you keep your supplies in your carry-on – many airlines do not allow cartridges to be kept in checked baggage, and you don’t want to be the guy hysterically going through his stuff in the ticketing line, holding everyone up.  We know you’re cooler than that. As far as the airports themselves, they are banned in most UK airports, but not in Heathrow as of now.