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These 5 Apps Will Help You Quit Smoking

Posted 21st Aug 2015 to Vaping Style and Culture


5 Quit smoking apps

It turns out that smartphones are good for more than just sending funny pictures to everyone on Snapchat. They can also help you quit smoking.

Below you'll find a list of 5 awesome apps to help you give up the habit. However, before we get to the list, we have to give a bit of a plug for our own app, which you should add to your smoking cessation arsenal if you haven't already. The Vapemate app, for Apple and Android devices, has a calculator that will tell you just how much money you've saved since you ditched the ciggs. 

NHS Smokefree

This innovative app from the National Health Service has loads of practical features for the potential quitter, including daily tips, a savings calculator and more. It’s also totally free, so there’s no harm in trying.

Quit Smoking

A simple name for a simple concept! QS helps its users by providing them with a calendar that tracks how many days without cigs, and it also has a money saving calculator. Unlike many apps, it is based around a step-down process, and it uses data from those who have quit as well as the individual user to create a unique cessation program for them.

Cessation Nation

There are a couple things that set this app apart (or app-art, rather), including a game to play when you feel like lighting up. Most importantly though it is also a social media tool, and it will put you contact with others who are going through the quitting process.

Stop Smoking – Mindfulness Meditation App

In our list of ways to conquer your cravings, we included meditation as one method of overcoming the desire for a cig. This app believes that the meditation method is the most powerful, and is specifically designed to help smokers clear their minds of the need for cigs.

Quit Pro: Stop Smoking Now

This is another useful app that features a calendar that tracks your cigarettes, but also a calendar that tracks how much time you’ve added onto your life as you go longer without smoking. If that’s not a great motivator, we don’t know what is. 


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