There are plenty of ways people try to break their smoking habits. Some will go cold turkey, some will turn to nicotine patches, others will try e-cigarettes, and some will try a little of everything.

One way to help you cut down, or even stop smoking entirely, could be to include various foods in your diet. Here are a few of them and exactly how they work to help you quit the habit.

What to include

Oranges – and basically any other food that’s high in vitamin C – is said to be a great way to stop the cravings for a cigarette.

Nuts, vegetable sticks, chips, popcorn and other similar easy-to-eat snacks can help to keep your hands and mouth busy with other delicious choices and, therefore, keep the desire to smoke at bay.

According to the American Heart Association, you may feel a strong need for sugary things such as sweets. Have plenty of sweet things on hand, and keep it healthy with options such as grapes, frozen yoghurt, and orange juice.

Finally, be sure to brush your teeth after meals. The good feeling of minty freshness can help you avoid the desire to change that to a smokey aftertaste.

What to avoid

As well as what may help, there are a few foods that might actually make it harder to turn down that cigarette.

For a start, drinks such as coffee and alcohol may encourage you to smoke if you’re used to enjoying these vices together, so cutting down opportunities to drink them may help.

Spicy foods are also known to sometimes trigger a desire to smoke. If that sounds familiar, stick to mild for the meantime until you get the cravings under control.