If you're in London or NYC, check out the new vape lounges
This wouldn't necessarily be a case of preaching to the choir - no one who's reading blog articles about ecigarettes needs convincing that vaping is cool. But most people probably know what we're talking about when we say that for the general public, vaping is still suffering from a bit of an image problem.
Fortunately, there are a couple really cool e cigarette shops in New York City that are endeavouring to change all of that.
Forgoing the typical "vape shop" aesthetic of "laid-back stoner vibe with a libertarian streak," as Bedford + Bowery puts it, these new shops are chic and sophisticated, like a big-city art gallery. Actually, they kind of are art galleries.
Avant Garde Vapor Lounge, situated in Manhattan's Lower East Side neighbourhood, is decorated with psychedelic paintings in a small gallery format, except there's also a sleek bar with hanging pendant lights like other trendy watering holes in the city.
Henley, located in SoHo, has a cool designer furniture vibe happening, as well as a verdant back patio with a grill and plenty of places to sit. There's also a hip reclaimed bar inside, and the walls are decorated with artsy black and white photos -- of people vaping. Upping its credentials is its monthly art event, the Secret Garden Series, which is curated by artist and DJ Kimyon Huggins and will showcase two artists per month.
Of course, it's probably safe to assume that if there's something cool happening in New York, there's an equally righteous counterpart in London.
The Vape Lab is part vape shop, part lounge and gourmet cafe serving fancy coffee in lab beakers, in - where else? - Shoreditch