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Tips on Making the Switch From Smoking to Vaping

Posted 22nd Oct 2015 to Quit Smoking


How to switch from cigarettes to vaping

There are 2.6 million vapers in the U.K., most of whom are former smokers. For all of those millions, we know there are still plenty of people struggling to make the transition from smoking to vaping.  No matter how delicious vape flavours are, the 4,000 chemicals in cigs are a powerfully addictive cocktail and making the switch has its bumps. Check out these tips if you’re having more trouble than others in ditching combustible cigs for vaping.

Get rid of your cigs

No, you won’t quit when this pack is gone. Or when the next pack is gone. You’ll quit now.

Don’t be intimidated

Maybe you’re a luddite, or maybe you were once scared off by a neck-bearder. We can see who there are some people who might be intimidated by vaping, especially since it is an evolving industry. New devices and flavours are coming out all the time, it’s overwhelming! Just take a deep breath (which will remind you why you need to quit smoking) and try it out.

Keep a spare

Okay, you’ve gotten over the intimidation factor. Great. Now that you have your liquids and supplies, just remember to always stay stocked up. Running out of eliquid or having a dead battery is the quickest way to allow a combustible cig craving take over.

Find a vaping buddy!

Out of those 2.6 million vapers, there’s a pretty good chance you’re friends with one of them (the odds are that’s what brought you to this article). Hit them up and ask them what kind of devices they use and what flavours they like. They’ll be happy to help!

Vary Your Flavours

Now that you’ve got your own stuff and tried the flavours your friends are using, you’ll know what you like. But don’t let that stop you from switching it up! Most smokers stayed loyal to one brand of cigarette and, therefore, one taste. With vaping, there’s no need for that kind of blandness in your life.

Read The Blogs And Forums

This isn’t just promotion for our site, we promise. Blogs from the vaping industry are a great way to stay tuned on what new flavours and devices are coming out so that your vape game is always up to date. On forums and message boards, you’ll find support and other tips on quitting smoking.



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