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Tobacco Products Directive Deadlines - How they affect you

Posted 18th Nov 2016 to Vaping News


While the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was put into force in May of 2016, manufacturers and vape shops were allowed to sell through old stock that didn’t meet TPD requirements until May 20, 2017. What does this mean for vapers?

Smaller manufacturers may stop selling ejuices with nicotine

If your go-to eliquid manufacturer was a micro-business without the funds to get the approvals necessary under the TPD, chances are good their nicotine-containing eliquid will not be available after May 2017. Vapemate completely retooled its facilities and applied for certifications under the TPD to ensure we were ready for this deadline, so anything you order off of our site right now is TPD-compliant.

10ml bottles will be all you can buy

By far the biggest pain for consumers will be felt in the size of eliquid you can buy. Any vape shop or any online vendor are now required to only sell eliquids in 10ml childproof bottles.

What if I still have a 30ml or larger bottle that I’m using past May 2017?

The regulations are pretty much for shops and manufacturers - you can still safely possess one of these bottles until you have used the product. Just don’t try to sell it.

How do I know if the eliquid I’m buying is TPD-compliant?

As of now there are no certification marks to show TPD compliance. However, a number of warnings and specific information must be shown on the bottle, including the batch number. The easiest thing to look for is the batch number - if your eliquid doesn’t have one, it’s not TPD-compliant. Additionally, if it doesn’t have a childproof cap, it’s not TPD-compliant.

Why should I look for TPD-compliant eliquids?

There are positive aspects to the TPD for consumers, the largest of which is assurance of quality and testing for toxic substances. All of our juices are produced in a clean room environment with toxicology testing for each ingredient. Families will appreciate the requirement for childproof caps, especially if your eliquid falls from its “safe place” away from children or you accidentally leave it out.

I own a vape shop and need TPD-compliant inventory

You can purchase any of our eliquids wholesale by following the instructions on this page.


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