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Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Vaping

Posted 13th Oct 2016 to Vaping News


Top 10 reasons to switch to vaping


Swaptober is our answer to Stoptober, when health services pull out the stops to get smokers to quit. In 2015, vaping helped 18,000 people in the United Kingdom quit smoking. In 2016, we’re hoping to blow away that number. It’s a team effort, and it all starts with you. Here are the top 10 reasons to switch to vaping.


1. Vaping is safer than smoking

The Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England have both issued reports in the past year proving that vaping is safer than smoking. Public Health England has found that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Most reported safety issues were caused by first-generation e-cigarettes that vapers no longer use, and using the wrong charger for a device. As long as you use the supplied charger with your device in a wall outlet, you won’t have any problems.


2. Your Health

While this seems obvious, disposing with the daily inhalation of thousands of different chemicals is the top reason to switch out smoking for vaping. After 24 hours, you will be less anxious and your risk of heart attack will drop. Your circulation, lung function, and sense of taste all begin to return to normal within months of quitting smoking.


3. Vaping mimics the behaviours of smoking


The addiction to smoking is just as much psychological as it is chemical. Vaping simulates the behaviours you are used to with smoking - holding something in your hand, and inhaling and exhaling vapour. While gums and patches may replace the nicotine you are withdrawing from when you kick the habit, they don’t replace the physical act of smoking with something similar. Vaping does, and you can ramp down to zero nicotine content at your own pace - allowing you to keep the psychological habit without any harmful chemicals at all.


4. You won’t be on drugs to quit


While pharmacological methods have been proven to help quitters, there are many people who want to avoid taking drugs on a regular basis to stop smoking. Many drugs now prescribed for smoking cessation started off as antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication. Some of these medications have side effects such as negative interactions with alcohol, nausea and more - all of which do not exist with vaping. The only drug involved in vaping is nicotine, and you can ramp down off of it at your own pace.


5. Vaping is affordable


Vaping costs about the same as other smoking cessation methods when costs are averaged out. You will start with a vaping kit, which can range between £15 and £30. This is a one-time startup cost. Eliquids are the ongoing cost, and they are very affordable. A former heavy smoker will go through 2-3 10ml vials of eliquid per week, which can range in price from £3 to £6, depending on your preference for flavour and brand. This is far less of a cost than purchasing cigarettes. If you need additional support to quit, Public Health England recommends free local Stop Smoking services which will markedly increase your chances of quitting smoking for good when paired with vaping.


6. No more disgusting smell and stains


Vaping does not leave any residual odours or stains, as cigarettes do. Your home, vehicle, clothing, and hair will be free of the cloud of odours that usually follows smokers. You’ll no longer have yellowed fingers, sallow skin, and lacklustre hair - quitting smoking gives you an instant boost in your looks that people will notice. Under the surface, quitting smoking fights signs of aging skin as well.


7. No more social consequences

People look down on smokers, particularly on the professional level. If you start vaping, you’ll not only shed many of the telltale signs of being a smoker, but people will be interested in how you like vaping and your journey. It’s a conversation starter, where smoking is a conversation killer.


8. You’ll have loads of flavours to choose from

Eliquids are designed by chemists to have the most attractive flavours possible - it isn’t like smoking a menthol cigarette where a flavour masks a horrible taste. Vanilla custard tastes exactly as you expect it would. The excitement of exploring all of the different flavours will help you forget quickly about smoking - and if you want to further simulate smoking in order to kick the habit, various tobacco flavours are available. Between smoking and vaping, the flavour choice is clear - vaping wins every taste test.


9. You can quit nicotine at your own pace


Eliquid is available at various nicotine levels, allowing you to ramp down - and eventually quit - at your own pace. Most smokers start off at a higher level, taking a few months to ramp down to zero nicotine content. But you can take as long as you like to ramp down. This level of control can give quitters peace of mind.


10. You can dual-use cigarettes and vaping


While the eventual goal is to give up cigarettes entirely, it is understandable that many quitters need to wean themselves off of cigarettes. This gives you the chance to get set up with a vaping kit, try out different eliquids to land on the ones that you like, and so on before making the full swap to vaping. Other smoking cessation methods, such as the patch, do not allow you this choice as they deliver a specific amount of nicotine which can be dangerously topped up if you smoke cigarettes while using them. This danger does not exist with vaping, as hits off of a vaping device equal the same amount of nicotine as smoking a cigarette. Over time, as you taste the difference between your favourite eliquid flavours and cigarettes, the switch will be easy to make.

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