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Top 5 tips for sticking with your "quit smoking" New Year's resolution

Posted 19th Jan 2016 to Quit Smoking


         top 5 tips quit smoking


If you’ve decided to quit smoking as your New Year’s resolution in 2016, you’re one of many around the globe committed to making this healthy lifestyle change.

That said, it’s most likely to be the hardest thing you’ll do this year. Here are five tips to help you stick with it and kick the habit for good.

 1. Read anti-smoking news

 There’s hardly any shortage of studies and papers on the dangers of smoking. Not only is it bad for you, it can also affect your family, children, and pets.

 Read everything you can on the statistics about developing disease or cancer later in life as a smoker, compared to the statistics about how this is less likely if you stick to your resolution. Bookmark the articles that click with you the most, so you can read them again on the tough days.

 2. Try new eliquid flavours

Vaping may help some people step away from cigarettes, so whether or not you’ve already tried e-cigarettes as a method of smoking cessation, it can be a great tool to help this time around.

There are hundreds of different flavours available, so working your way through new and interesting tastes can be a welcome distraction from combustible cigarettes.

 3. Exercise daily

 The benefits of daily exercise aren’t just great for those who have made weight loss resolutions. Exercise helps to relieve stress, improves your energy and mood, and distracts you from lighting up.

 Vary your exercises with activities you really enjoy and include different intensities when walking or running to keep you from getting bored.

 4. Find a support system

It could be family and friends, strangers on a chat forum, fellow quitters, or professionals who work at quit smoking organisations. Make sure to surround yourself with people who you can call on and talk to when you need to vent or ask for advice.

 5. Eat well

When you quit smoking, you will quickly feel the physical effects of the absent chemicals from cigarettes. While it will be tempting to reach for comfort foods with little nutritional value, now is the time to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

 Proper meals will help your energy levels, and will ensure your body has what it needs to function well.


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