Top things you need to know about the TPD


The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is now officially in effect, and there are important things you need to know about it as a vaper. If you want to delve into the full text of the Directive, you can do so here - Part 6 governs electronic cigarettes and associated products.

1. Eliquids can only be sold in bottles of 10ml or less


If you’re wondering why your favourite vape shop or online retailer is no longer selling larger bottles of eliquids, this is why.


2. Eliquids must be made with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients


This may be the only good part of the TPD - however, it doesn’t give any guidelines for what constitutes a high-quality ingredient. All Vapemate eliquids are made in the UK in an ISO-certified laboratory setting.


3. Maximum nicotine strength is now 2%


While we didn’t many customers who wanted higher strengths prior to the TPD, our liquids will now come in a maximum strength of 1.8% nicotine to allow for a small margin of error.


4. Maximum cartridge or tank is 2 ml


This won’t be an issue for beginning vapers, but advanced vapers will now find they can no longer purchase larger tank sizes. Fans of larger tank sizes enjoyed not refilling their tanks as quickly.


5. Eliquid purchases could get more expensive


We have ensured that our pricing on purchasing three of our 10ml bottles is equivalent to what you would have paid for a 30ml bottle, even though it involves more packaging on our end. However, this may not be the trend for some. More packaging usually equals more money for any product. While vaping is still less expensive then smoking, this may drive the prices up slightly.

TPD Infographic


6. The law applies to manufacturers and vape shops


The law currently applies to businesses selling vaping equipment and eliquids in the UK, or who are exporting to the UK. Enforcement at the consumer level has not yet been made clear, if there is to be any.


7. There is a petition to challenge e-cigarette TPD inclusion in the House of Lords


Lord Callanan brought forward a motion in the House of Lords on May 19 to strike ecigarettes from inclusion in the TPD. There is a strong possibility that it may succeed. To help it along, there is a petition on to Prime Minister David Cameron to advocate for removal of ecigarettes from the TPD.

To learn more about what the TPD means for consumers, see our infographic.