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Trial Replaces Tobacco Smoking with Vaping

Posted 15th Sep 2013 to Vaping News


According to a recent report, the outgoing Australian government was conducting a trial to see if tobacco smoking could be  replaced with electronic cigarettes.

“(Electronic cigarettes) have the potential to be beneficial to public health if they are used to completely replace the traditional cigarette.”

Coral Gartner


It's interesting to think that this could soon become a reality. No more smoking, only vaping. There will be surely be a time in the near future when people will look back on us burning leaves and inhaling the tary smoke into our lungs as a bit primitive. It's not even been 10 years since the smoking ban was introduced in the UK, yet it already seems crazy that people could smoke in pubs and restaraunts like they used to!

Times they are a changing.

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Original article posted: Sunday September 15, 2013 | By ninemsn | 9NEWS


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