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Trick or Vape: 5 Flavours For a Sweet Halloween

Posted 26th Oct 2015 to Vaping Style and Culture


Halloween vapes

There’s a lot to love about Halloween, wearing costumes, going to parties, eating candy and other treats. And if you’re a grownup, you can celebrate this creepy crawly holiday by vaping on these sweet flavoured eliquids. 

Gummy Bears

We strongly believe that the gummy bear is a highly underappreciated candy, which is one of the many reasons we’re glad to have a gummy bear flavour eliquid in our repertoire. 

Caramel Candy

Nothing beats the smooth, chewy taste of caramel. This eliquid is a great taste not just for Halloween but for all of autumn, especially if it’s mixed with some apple flavour to make a toffee apple combo.


We definitely have fond memories of unwrapping fat, pink pieces bubblegum from our Halloween candy haul. Feel like a kid again with the taste of bubblegum. All of the flavour without any of the danger of it ending up on your shoe.

Pumpkin Pie

Because the best part about a Jack O’ Lantern at Halloween is really the pie you make with the inside of the pumpkin. And apparently there’s a pumpkin shortage this year, so our eliquid might even have to stand in for the real thing.  

Barley Sugar

Okay, we’re taking it back with this one. Enjoy the scares of Halloween with nostalgia for the old days with this eliquid flavour that tastes just like the classic candy.


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