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TSA Clears the Air Regarding Flying with Ecigarettes

Posted 28th Jul 2014 to Vaping News


With the widespread smoking bans that have taken place over the years, various methods of travel have become much more comfortable for nicotine users since the invention of electronic cigarettes. However, many e-cigarette users often encounter conflicting rules and regulations regarding exactly where they can use these devices without facing outrageous fines or drastic legal action. Thankfully, one of the most confusing and important travel agencies has finally decided to help clarify the rules regarding flying with e-cigarettes.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently posted an official statement on their Instagram and Twitter accounts stating, “Ecig’s and vaping devices ARE permitted in your carry-on and checked bags”. Although, this is incredibly good news to hear that your expensive e-cigarettes, Mods, and other vaping devices won’t be tossed in the trash at the security check points, some exclusions do still apply. One of the main restricted items is the Innokin Cool Fire 2 Mod, which consequently looks very similar to a grenade with a clearomizer on top.

Innokin Kool Fire 2

The Innokin Kool Fire 2

The TSA recently encountered one of these mods at the Salt Lake City International Airport, resulting in extreme delays as security was tightened to determine if this device was a potential threat or not.

If an item looks like a grenade, it is prohibited

The full Instagram post states: “#TSATravelTip: #Ecig’s and #vaping devices ARE permitted in your carry-on and checked bags. Unless they look like a grenade…This #TSACatch is a grenade-shaped vaping device that was discovered in a carry-on bag at the #SaltLakeCity International Airport. If an item looks like a grenade, it is prohibited. When these items are discovered, they can cause significant delays while explosives detection professionals resolve the alarm. While E-Cigs and vaping devices are permitted in your checked and carry-on bags, using them at an airport or on an aircraft depends upon the airport, airline, and local laws.”

Overall the majority of vaping devices on the market today are safe to pack in your carry-on. Although certain types of vaping devices, including the Innokin Cool Fire Mod, Bullet Mods or tanks, Gun Mods, Brass Knuckle mods, or any other type of vaping device that may appear to look similar to a weapon, will be confiscated and not allowed on any aircraft. If you own one of these devices it is recommended to leave them at home and travel with a standard vape pen or mod instead. We all know how expensive vape supplies and hardware can be, so don’t chance having your unique and expensive mod misinterpreted as a weapon and thrown away!

Full Article Available At: http://www.inquisitr.com/1344881/tsa-clarifies-that-e-cigs-are-permitted-except-this-one/



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