Recently, we posted about the different ways you can up your vaping game, and one of the things we mentioned was going to a Vaping convention. Last week, one of the biggest of those conventions took place along the banks of the River Severn in Shrewsbury. At UK Vapefest 2015, thousands of vapers gathered on the showground to sample new flavours, check out the newest and most cutting edge vaping merchandise, watch vaping demonstrations, and have a good time with fellow vaping enthusiasts.

This was quite a year for the festival. For the first time, it was a two-day event. Nigel Quine, a vendor of organic e-liquids and long-time attendee of the festival said of this year’s event: “this is how people saw it, or hoped it would be.” We think the growth of the festival is an indication of how the industry is thriving, and of how vaping can really bring people together.

Loads of vendors set up booths to show off their flavours, kits and accessories, leaving the masses of fest-goers wide-eyed at the selection. Quine added that Vapefest is “about innovation” and noted that vaping is one of the fastest innovating fields in the world right now. We agree!

Vapefest isn’t just a commercial event, though. This year’s entertainment included live DJs and an AC/DC tribute band. To keep things interesting, vendors also held all kinds of games and giveaways. As much as Vapefest is a place for the honest business people of the vaping industry to make some cash, it’s an opportunity for the vaping community to gather, network and have a great time. We’re already looking forward to Vapefest 2016!