Will you spend April puffing on some ecigarettes?


April isn't just for Easter, though now that we mention it, it's probably high time we started working on a Cadbury Creme Egg eliquid flavour.

If you ever felt like you needed an excuse to vape, or perhaps even a more ceremonial way of hitting the vape pen, we've done some very important research on all of the strange April holidays you've never heard of. Though some of these holidays may have passed, there’s no reason you can’t retroactively celebrate!

Lawn and Garden Month: Naturally, you could reach for something with a floral note throughout the month of April. Think of it as your personal way of encouraging the flowers to bloom. How about some Ylang Ylang Eliquid?

April Fool's Day: Use this day to dedicate a puff to the court jesters in your midst. Make yourself one of them by vaping on some eliquid your friends didn't think you'd ever try.

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (April 2): Unleash your inner mad scientist. Blend some Peanut Butter Eliquid with something fruity (like Red Grape) for a childhood throwback.

National Poetry Month: No one gets you in April. To distinguish your profile as a brooding savant, stock your drawers with Malt Whiskey Eliquid.

Caramel Popcorn Day (April 7): More science! For this one, blend our Caramel Eliquid with our Popcorn flavour.

Winston Churchill Day (April 9): Old Winny was often seen with a cigar in his mouth. We all know ecigarettes are less of a health vice than cigars, but you can still vape to his memory with some Rich Cigar Eliquid.

Russian Cosmonaut Day (April 12): The only thing Russians love more than vodka are sour cherries. Have some Sour Cherry Eliquid and head to space (in your mind).

Organize Your Files Week (Week 3): Sounds stressful, innit? It doesn't have to be when you've got a potent Brandy vape ready for you when you finish.

Hug an Australian Day (April 26): Don’t tell the kiwis, but we know pavlova is a true Aussie treat. To celebrate your cousins down under, why not test out our meringue eliquid?

Kiss Your Mate Day (April 28): Don't have a mate? Don't fret -- show your loved ones how much you care. But first, get that breath nice and fresh with some Mint Eliquid.