A high-end US company, Five Pawns, has been brought under fire by a lawsuit against them. Three vapers have alleged that the e-juice manufacturer lied in its advertising about exactly what is in those liquids, which would mean the company had violated state and federal laws.

The chemical in question is acetyl propionyl (AP), and is commonly used in foods for a buttery taste. In fact, you can often find it in microwave popcorn. The problem is that AP is extremely similar to another chemical called diacetyl (DA). While DA has been linked to lung disease, there are no current studies that prove causality between either of these chemicals and negative health effects.

That said, many vapers prefer to avoid AP just in case, so when the three plaintiffs in this case found there was AP in the Five Pawns product, they struck up this multimillion dollar lawsuit. In the case, tests allegedly have shown that Five Pawns products contains high levels of AP, despite assuring consumers their products were AP-free.

At the moment, the unregulated US vaping market means there are no guidelines set around AP and DA. The problem is simply that the company allegedly lied about it.

In a letter from the Five Pawns attorney on the case, it is said that the claims are ‘unfounded’ and that the company will fight the allegations ‘aggressively’. As it stands, the suit may not actually end up in court, but it is certainly one many vapers and e-cigarette manufacturers and suppliers will be watching closely.

Vapemate takes safety precautions extremely seriously. Transparency in the industry is vital, which is why you will find warning labels on some e-juices, which is there to warn users about nicotine as an ingredient.